Today’s tech news: VLC media player to provide Airplay, VR support in upcoming version


VLC media playing services to add airplay support as it crossed three billion users

The airplay support available in new VLC player version 4. It also added Chromecast support in last summer. As users can stream the content from their iOS and android devices to Apple TV

The update could be released for the primary VLC app in “about a month,” for free

In addition, preparing to add enable native support for VR content. Instead of SDKs, the team has reversed engineered popular hardware to offer features that will include the option to watch 2D content in a cinema-style environment. There are also plans to bring the service to more platforms. The team is eyeing PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Roku devices.

VLC, managed by non-profit parent VideonLAN, racked up its 3 millionth download at CES.

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