Today’s tech news: Whatsapp limits message forwarding to 5 times

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WhatsApp will presently to stop users sending a message multiple times.

To eliminate the spread of fake information. The five time sending limit feature started all over the world beginning today.

The misinformation on WhatsApp has turned into an issue. As Facebook made restrictions to groups to protect from spreading fake information

WhatsApp at first constrained messages sending multiple times in July. With the five time sending limit tried out in India. Prior to that, you could forward a message to up to 256 individuals. WhatsApp started marking sent messages around that time, as well.

While the message forwarding limit feature could help control the spread of awful data. But, messages at present sent to groups, with each group including up to 256 individuals. That implies a sent message could be placed before almost 1,300 individuals, regardless of the five time limit.

WhatsApp didn’t promptly uncover any information on whether it had seen a considerable decrease in the spread of false data by diminishing the limit to five. We’ve connected for additional data. It presents unexpected difficulties in comparison to fake information on Facebook, as a result of the diverse ways the systems work.

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