Today’s tech news: GoPro offers unlimited cloud storage at $4.99

areflect GoPro

GoPro is extending its membership based cloud storage service to incorporate boundless video content with quality.

The subscription starts at $4.99-per-month for unlimited. In the past, the GoPro Plus service enabled users to store boundless photographs. As 35 hours of video up to 250GB.

The videos have to be shot on a GoPro, but CEO Nick Woodman stresses that there are no other “asterisks” for the new offering. “Unlimited means unlimited,” Woodman told.”Your GoPro photographs and video will go up to your Plus cloud account in their unique bitrate with no change at all.”

The boundless storage applies to records shot on more established GoPros, as well, not simply the more up to date Hero 7 lineup. The organization likewise now offers Plus supporters a 50 percent discount on accessories. Both of these plans accessible all around world.

So GoPro’s choice could help drive memberships up, bringing about more income. In any case, Woodman said that is by all account not the only purpose behind urging more clients. To transfer boundless measures of film and photographs. Boundless storage service isn’t especially simple to stop by in contending cloud services.

Numerous GoPro clients still battle to deal with the majority of the recording and photographs they shoot, as per Woodman. So the more a client transfers to Plus, he contends, the better the organization will get at breaking down and surfacing photographs and recordings those clients may think most about.