Today’s tech news: Fitbit new fitness tracker,available exclusively through employer

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Fitbit presented another activity and rest tracker, be that as it may, dissimilar to the organization’s past advance counters, the wearable is accessible just if your health plan or employer.

Moreover, the Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR, the wristlets “intended to make creating health propensities simpler for everybody,” as indicated by the site. Up until now, there’s no ostentatious promoting or publicizing of the most recent advertising.

“These uncommon discharge trackers are accessible solely through Fitbit corporate, wellbeing, wellbeing plan, and wellbeing frameworks accomplices and clients of their associations, members, and individuals,” Fitbit says on the site.

The swim-proof Inspire is accessible in highly contrasting shading alternatives. It tends to worn as a wristband or on a clasp. But, the wearable device has some essential highlights like calories consumed, call and text-based notifications, suggestions to move and every minute of every day pulse observing.

Wearers can likewise screen their sleep stages

Moreover, The Inspire has as long as five days of battery life, which is any longer than some different wellness trackers like the Apple Watch. But, Apple says that its wellness trackers have as long as 18 hours of battery life.

No cost recorded for the Inspire and Inspire HR, however that it’s the organization’s least expensive gadget yet.

Meanwhile, the most economical grown-up Fitbit, the Alta, estimated at $99.95 on

However, Fitbits presented as step counters in 2008. But, from that point forward, the gadgets have gotten much savvier about health and wellness.