Today’s tech news: Google tests Maps in Augmented Reality


Google developed the Maps in augmented reality, for testing it allowed access for some users

The company testing another component for its Maps versatile application, called the AR Visual Positioning System. It gives route by means of a layer of increased reality, put over genuine reality as observed through your smartphone’s camera.

To utilize it, you lift the phone before your eyes and the product gives you bearings by means of bolts which show where you have to go.

The new update is aware of your battery. The screen obscures when you hold the phone before your face excessively long, and returns to map when you put it down.

Google’s client experience lead for the AR venture, Rachel Inman, told. The feature isn’t intended to be your essential route apps. She said it’s most helpful at entangled convergences or finding a concealed back road.

For instance, Yelp’s Monocle highlight gives you a chance to see organizations around you by pointing your camera at them.

However, Google Maps is a standout amongst the best guide and route applications folded into one, and I can see this element being hugely useful in an outside city.

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