Today’s tech news: Facebook acquires ‘GrokStyle’ furniture shopping startup


Facebook has overtook GrokStyle, a shopping startup that utilizes AI to enable you to purchase furniture and different things for the home.

The most recent sign yet that the Facebook is hoping to push further into internet business in 2019.

GrokStyle is a San Francisco startup specializing in visual search. But, the company is known for technology that allows shoppers to search for furniture and other items by taking photos with their phones. Last year, the company partnered with Ikea on its augmented reality furniture app. 

In a note posted on its site, the organization said it had “just touched the most superficial layer of what is conceivable with PC vision.”

“Our group and innovation will live on, and we will keep utilizing our AI to assemble extraordinary visual look encounters for retail.”

It’s not clear precisely what group inside Facebook GrokStyle and its “computer based intelligence capacities” will be a piece of. However, it’s another potential sign that Facebook wants to move further into shopping highlights.

But, the organization has been relentlessly adding shopping highlights to Instagram, yet hasn’t said much regarding comparable shopping encounters in different spots.

Moreover, the way that GrokStyle has recently been a piece of an enlarged reality application is especially fascinating, given that Facebook is working out its very own AR stage, including shoppable expanded reality includes in Messenger.

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