Today’s tech news: Sony Ends production of PS Vita


The PlayStation Vita has come to an end officially. Sony flagged that it has finished creation on the handheld gaming console’s keep going two models on the Vita’s page.

The product launched in 2011, the Vita never fully got on around the globe, a casualty of expanded challenge from cell phone applications, selling just 16.1 million units, a long ways from the PlayStation Portable that went before it, and from Nintendo’s Switch that tailed it.

As a fun and peculiar stage for outside the box diversions, gatherings of people and real distributers basically haven’t stayed aware of the gadget. Sony said that it would end generation of the gadget in 2019, and that it had no designs to discharge a successor handheld gadget when it goes, and that it would end creation of the physical game cards for the gadget toward the finish of the 2018.

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