Today’s tech news: Google Maps now you can Report Road Mishaps

areflect Google Maps

Google Maps has begun revealing a component that gives you a chance to report accidents.

Nonetheless, it creates the impression that Google has now brought the new update for its users all over the globe. The component relating to accidents revealing is accessible to Android gadgets at the present stage. Later to release on iPhones in the coming future.

There is a devoted Add a report option that conveys the choices to report speed traps and accidents while utilizing the route on Google Maps.

Similar to how people can report on Waze, can report speed traps and accidents on Google Maps. You need to tap the Add a report option by tapping the upward arrow from the bottom of the screen or by pressing the report button from the navigation screen. The report button sits next to the audio and magnifying glass buttons.

When tapped the Add a report alternative, you can report Google specifically about an accident or a speed trap you’ve experienced on your route. Google Maps additionally show what number of individuals have detailed issues on your route to enable you to choose whether you should proceed on a similar route or pick another one.

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