Today’s tech news: Apple AirPods with wireless charging at $159

areflect AirPods

Apple reported the launch of second generation AirPods. The wireless earphones from Apple accompany a wireless charging case and the new H1 sound chip, which offers guaranteed enhancements performance and battery life. But, the other huge feature is without hands ‘Hello Siri’ support.

The new AirPods are currently available in Apple Store application and in the US costs at $159 onwards. However, accessible in Apple Stores beginning one week from now. The new AirPods with the optional wireless charging case at $199.

Second-generation AirPods features

The key enhancements in the new Apple AirPods are the optional wireless charging case. The new H1 sound chip, a guaranteed 50 percent expansion in talk time. Another without Hands free ‘Hello Siri‘ voice support feature. The wireless charging case is Qi-perfect, giving you a chance to charge the case essentially by putting it onto a Qi charging cushion. But, the H1 sound chip to improve overall performance while the ‘Hello Siri’ trigger is currently hands free. And never again requires the tap twice signal to start.

Moreover, the new AirPods are the successor to the first-generation Apple AirPods. As announced in September 2016 alongside the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. With an increasing number of users across smartphone and personal wireless audio products.

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