Today’s health tip: Benefits of Jaggery

areflect jaggery

Every gram of jaggery offers four calories, thereby producing heat within the body.

Throughout, winters the blood vessels get constricted owing to weather conditions and jaggery is helpful in dilating the blood vessels and improving blood flow.

It contains minerals, antioxidants, metallic elements like phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc and more, which makes its consumption even more nutritious.

Meanwhile, reactions within the body, cools the stomach, enhances the production of digestive enzyme

However, consumption of a small amount of jaggery can counteract the energy lost during menstruation

As it is a rich source of iron it can easily help in the prevention of anemia.

Respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis can be cured if jaggery is consumed with sesame seeds on a regular basis.

Moreover, responsible for bodybuilding and boosting metabolism as potassium. But, directly helps in weight loss by reducing water retention in the body.

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