Today’s health tip: Avoid 5 fruits If You Have Diabetes

areflect Diabetes

People with diabetes can have high blood sugar level. By eating these fruits listed below can increase blood sugar can cause ill heath.


One small grape contains one gram of carbohydrate, which means that 15 grapes considered one serving of fruit. Odds are that if you are eating grapes, you are eating way more than 15


Fresh pineapple is delicious and sweet, especially when it’s very ripe, which makes it a high glycemic index food.


An entire mango will cost you about 30 grams of carbohydrate and about 26 grams of sugar. 


You may have heard that bananas are too sweet. It’s not that bananas are actually sweeter than other fruit choices.

Fruit juices

Unless you are experiencing hypoglycemia, avoid fruit juice. It contains 30 grams of sugar and no fiber.

 Therefore it metabolized quickly and raises blood sugars within minutes.

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