Today’s tech news: Microsoft Surface Hub 2 event on April 17th

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Microsoft is wanting to hold an uncommon work-centered press occasion in New York City one month from now.

The company has begun sending press welcomes to individuals from the media today for an occasion. It will happen on April 17th. Moreover, Microsoft’s occasion will incorporate Steelcase. A similar organization that it partnered up with to imagine a Surface-controlled office of things to come.

Microsoft first revealed the Surface Hub 2 a year ago, encouraging a 2S demonstrate in Q2 2019. Microsoft’s 50-inch display will work with removable equipment cartridges, enabling proprietors to overhaul the gadget later on. Microsoft is intending to convey a Surface Hub 2X redesign cartridge in 2020. It will incorporate new programming and the capacity to turn the gadget.

Microsoft has for some time been entranced with making workspaces of things to come. It’s reasonable we’ll see a portion of that take a shot at April 17th, as well. But, that could incorporate one of a kind furnishings and extra Surface extras from Steelcase and maybe a thought of when we’ll see Microsoft’s dreams inside work environments.

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