Today’s tech news: Apple Music services to reach Google Chromecast devices


Apple Music first released just for Apple gadgets. Despite the fact that help was in the long run reached out for Android.

From the Apple iPhone devices, the HomePod, and the Apple TV, even Amazon Echo and Fire TV gadgets in the US permit Apple Music connecting.

Now support for the music services reach out to Google Chromecast gadgets. As per another report dependent on code found in Apple Music’s Android application.

It enable clients to straightforwardly cast sound from Music to choose Google devices. A month ago, reports had likewise proposed that Apple Music could be coming to Google Home gadgets through the application, despite the fact that this hasn’t taken off yet.

Apple gives off an impression of being adopting a more easy to use strategy with its Music services, likely with an end goal to keep its endorser base high despite mounting rivalry.

With the ongoing dispatches of Spotify and YouTube Music in India. Apple stretching out help to Google gadgets and improving its Android application could be important in keeping its Android user base.

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