Today’s tech news: HP Chromebook with 15-inch IPS touchscreen for $449

areflect HP Chromebook

Chromebooks keep on inspiring in the cost for-quality office, and the HP Chromebook 15 is no exemption. The first since forever 15-inch HP Chromebook comes not just with a full-sized console and number cushion, yet in addition a blacklit IPS touchscreen and 64GB storage.

It begins at $449, and you can pay additional for double fold the eMMC  storage and a quicker Intel Core i5 processor, however the organization isn’t yet saying how much that will cost.

HP says the gadget begins delivering today from its online store, yet the posting for the HP Chromebook 15 still says “coming soon,” out of the blue. So, the gadget has some amazing specs for a machine of its cost, making it a suitable option in contrast to a standard, full-sized journal that may cost you a bit additional for access to a standard OS.

Different specs incorporate 4GB of locally available memory, a coordinated Intel HD Graphics 610 GPU, and as long as 13 hours of battery life. It accompanies a forward looking, wide-edge webcam with double receivers, and implicit speaker’s kindness of Bang and Olufsen. The gadget comes in either silver or blue completions. The HP Chromebook 15 is one more Chrome OS section in the bigger workstation go.

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