Today’s tech news: OnePlus 7 launch date revealed

areflect oneplus 7

The OnePlus 7 launch date has been affirmed as May 14, after the Chinese firm conveyed welcomes to the launching event.

OnePlus is facilitating three events in London, New York and Bangalore, with the OnePlus 7 launching at the same time in each.

As it accomplished for the OnePlus 6 release, it has by and by stretched out the welcome to people in general, however you’ll have to pay for a ticket in the event that you extravagant visiting.

Going to the event gives you a chance to watch the official disclosing of the telephones – the OnePlus 7 and premium OnePlus 7 Pro, just as get hands-on with them after the show, so participants will be among the first on the planet to do as such

Early tickets for the event can be bought at £16 / $20 until April 15 (so the discount lasts 48 hours), but OnePlus hasn’t said how much the tickets will be after that.

On the off chance that you can’t make the occasion, or would prefer not to pay cash to experiment with a telephone when you could simply test it out in stores for nothing once it’s out, OnePlus will likewise be live streaming the occasion on YouTube and internet based life stages.

There will be a fourth event in Beijing in China on May 16, two days after the other launch parties – OnePlus is following Honor’s interesting point of reference of being a Chinese organization that dispatches a portion of its item in the UK and US before it does in China.

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