Today’s tech news: Benefits of Black eyed peas

areflect Black-eyed peas

Black-eyed peas are surprisingly high in vitamin A. They have over a quarter of your daily vitamin A needs in one cup. 

Peas and navy beans are both rich in fiber, making them great at preventing constipation and encouraging a healthy digestive system.

Both have dietary fiber that can keep you fuller longer and help you maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Both are high in potassium, which is excellent for keeping blood pressure at a healthy level and improving heart health.

Both are excellent sources of folate as well as iron, which make them great at preventing anemia.

Navy beans have no vitamin A in them whatsoever, while black-eyed peas have 1,305 international units of vitamin A in one cup.

The large amount of vitamin A in black-eyed peas can help skin and eye health, but navy beans do not offer these benefits.

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