Today’s tech news: Bug shutdowns Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a for users


Pixel have dependably had a lot of issues, making some telephone lovers careful about them. We’ve even committed an informal bug tracker for the Pixel 3 here at Android Police to screen the issues we’ve experienced. With the Pixel 3a and 3a XL being a long way from Google’s first endeavor at cell phone producing, we’ve been trusting that a great deal tormented before models would be resolved at this point. It creates the impression this isn’t the situation, the same number of clients are detailing that their new gadgets are haphazardly closing down.

The issue influences both the customary 3a and the XL rendition. The shutdowns happen capriciously amid day and night when the gadget isn’t in dynamic use. When it occurs, the screen won’t turn on any longer, and clients need to complete a hard reset by squeezing the power catch for ~30 seconds. When that is done, they can keep on utilizing the telephone until another irregular shut down.

A few clients tried if an outsider application was the offender, however notwithstanding when they utilized their gadget in Safe Mode, their telephones would arbitrarily closed down. One client likewise guessed whether the bug was WiFi-related since the issue possibly ever happened when they were associated with their home system, yet this case is too detached to be in any way certain this is the issue.

While this seems, by all accounts, to be like the Nexus 6P early closed down disaster (where influenced clients ought to get some remuneration), I don’t believe it’s connected. On the 6P, shut downs as a rule happened when the battery was running lower, and you didn’t need to complete a hard reset to get it fully operational once more.

For the present, no fix is known. Clients are restoring their gadgets, seeking after new units that don’t display the conduct. We should cross our fingers this is the main greater setback the Pixel 3a brings to the table, as we’re becoming worn out on issue after issue with the Pixel line.

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