Today’s health tip: Benefits of Rose water


Rose water helps remove the excess oils from your face.

 It also helps discourage the growth of acne-causing bacteria with its pH balancing properties. 

Rose water and rose essential oil are commonly used in aromatherapy to help relieve headaches

Rose water is an excellent toner it helps remove oils and dirt from your skin.

It’s also been used as cough syrup, to treat reflux, as a laxative, and to reduce blood sugar. 

Rose water also contains various vitamins: A, C, E, and B and its especially great for depression as well as for those with sore throats.

In its liquid form rose water can be used as part of an eye drop and has been shown to have excellent benefits for people with eye problems.

Rose water’s anti-inflammatory and cooling properties not only leaves your skin feeling refreshed 

Rose water’s high antioxidant content helps tackle this by neutralizing the free radicals and keeping your skin healthy.

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