Today’s tech news: Gmail app Dark Mode APK version launched


With a few Google applications getting the dark mode. As of late, Gmail’s go to get the eye-friendly- mode. In any case, Android Police today found the dim mode to some degree sporadic in the application’s most recent APK.

The dark mode in Gmail v2019.06.09.253132566 works. It’s not the genuine dark that appropriately exploits OLED displays. However that may be to improve things. Going with a dim foundation implies your eyes will modify preferred to the UI components over your eyes would change with a genuine dark foundation.

The dark mode just works in the application’s settings. There’s additionally no dim mode switch, so the mode turns on and off when it has an inclination that it. We’re accepting this is expected to the application as yet being a work in advancement, yet it’s energizing in any case to at long last observe dark mode in Gmail.

Despite the fact that you would now be able to download the APK. Give Google a chance to put out the issues before you download it, or simply hang tight for the Gmail update through the Play Store. Meanwhile, let us know in the remarks which Google applications you’re utilizing dark mode in.


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