Today’s health tip: Benefits of Golden Berries


Golden berries also have high amounts of beta-carotene and vitamin K along with a little calcium.

Researchers identified 34 unique compounds in golden berries that may have benefits for health.

Golden berries boast an impressive amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber with only 74 calories per cup

Golden berries contain high amounts of with anolides and phenolics, components which make the fruit high in antioxidant activity.

It prevents cancer growth by causing DNA damage, cell death (apoptosis), and stopping the cancer cell cycle.

The calyx of the golden berry, or the outer protective casing it grows in, has anti-inflammatory properties that heal inflamed tissue of the colon.

The leaf supplementation reduced blood sugar levels and thus may have a role in treating diabetes

Keep in mind that eating high amounts of golden berries may be dangerous

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