Today’s tech news: Apple to buy Intel 5G chips for $1 billion


Apple to make an agreement with Intel for its chip to use in upcoming iPhones. The deal may costs up to $1 billion ends in the next week.

The chip company decided to launch 5G enabled mobile business this year. But, Apple made a U-turn for settlement with Qualcomm to again use their modems and chips.  Intel CEO Bob Swan went on to clarify that Intel had abandoned the modem business directly because of the Apple settlement without Apple as a customer, the company concluded that it “just didn’t see a path” forward.

But, Apple claims that Intel has not reached the time frame to deliver its modern 5G modems and antennas to release its 5G enabled iPhones plan this year. After several years of disputes with Qualcomm now apple is ready to acquire the Intel businesses with patents valued $1million.

Meanwhile, with respect to disputes between apple and Qualcomm, Intel reportedly began searching for a buyer for its modem business. Intel became the sole third-party modem provider for the 2018 models of the iPhone. And Apple has long been Intel’s only major customer for modems nearly every other major Android phone relies on either Qualcomm or in-house solutions.

While Apple has a new deal with Qualcomm, the famously controlling technology company was already reportedly working on developing its own, in-house modems, similar to its existing internal CPU platform that has resulted in the iPhone and iPad’s proprietary A-series chipsets. Adding Intel’s portfolio and experience to the process  experience that includes existing work on 5G chips for iPhones would likely only speed up that process and allow Apple to operate independent of a third party for its modems at some point in the future.

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