Today’s tech news: LG teases foldable smartphone with 3 screens


LG to unveil a smartphone that could have three screens. The 20-second trailer demonstrates a computer game mock up. Played on a cell phone that highlights a little computer game controller symbol and a camera. Before a subsequent screen overlap out to demonstrate a guide with a course to the organization’s IFA conference.

At long last the gadget closes, uncovering what gives off an impression of being a third, littler screen on its front, which shows the time and date.

It’s a fundamentally the same as idea to the LG V50 ThinQ’s subsequent screen case frill. LG flaunted not long ago during the telephone’s uncover at MWC. This separable adornment which was never discharged in the US. It didn’t have the extra screen on its outside, which gives off an impression of being new for this adaptation.

We don’t discover a lot of progressively about what LG is planning to declare at the show. Estimate that the gadget could wind up being an adornment for a potential V60 ThinQ, anyway we’re additionally inquisitive about whether there’s a plausibility this could basically be another frill for LG’s current V50 ThinQ.

What the gadget more likely than not won’t be is a foldable, which is an item class that LG has guided away from regardless of planning to dispatch its rollable OLED TV this year. Rather than a collapsing screen, both the V50 ThinQ’s embellishment and this new unannounced gadget seem to highlight two separate screens which are connected by a pivot, and which don’t twist like the presentations on the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X.

LG’s IFA 2019 public interview is at present booked for September sixth at 10AM in Berlin (4AM ET).