Today’s health tip: Benefits of Kiwi Fruit


Kiwi fruit has high antioxidant and vitamin C content, it is known for reducing the symptoms of asthma.

It may improve lung function and also prevents wheezing among children.

A delicious source of fiber, which promotes digestion and maintains intestinal health.

The natural laxative properties of this fruit mainly owing to its fiber content adds bulk to the stool and make it soft.

Polysaccharides present in the fruit help in averting the adhesion of enteropathogens and stimulating the probiotic bacteria in the colon.

Consumption of kiwifruit helps in fighting seasonal infections and other ailments attributing to its antimicrobial and antifungal action.

Helps in reducing the symptoms of cold and flu and other upper respiratory tract infections.

Also exerts anti-inflammatory effects and exhibits the activity of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

It has the ability to protect the DNA present in the body cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals, thereby reducing the risk of inflammation and diseases.

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