Today’s tech news: Acer unveils Gaming Chair at $14000


The Acer Predator Thronos Air Gaming Chair is a $13,999 gadget has everything including a back rub work.

The Predator Thronos Air is a huge steel structure that encases gamers in a vivid encounter. There are three screen mounts, a movable console and mouse plate, a footstool and a mind boggling link the board framework to conceal all wires associating everything together. In the event that that is insufficient, Acer has a few accessible extras like a cup holder, cameras and centers.

The main thing missing are the gaming PC, screens, consoles, and, well, you.

This is Acer’s subsequent gaming seat and this one is a large portion of the cost of the first. Declared at IFA 2018, the $30,000 Predator Thrones Gaming Chair packs much more treats including a fueled lean back mode to tilt the whole rig 140 degrees. This rendition requires a ground floor area and a story that can bolster 715 pounds.

These kind of gaming apparatuses have been accessible for quite a long while and give a one of a kind vantage point to gamers and flight sim administrators. Many can be had for not exactly these Acer models however few have a more impressive name than Thronos.

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