Today’s tech news: Microsoft PowerToys for windows 10


Microsoft uncovered not long ago that PowerToys were returning to Windows 10. PowerToys used to be helpful little utilities that would give you a chance to further modify Windows, and now Microsoft is discharging two new utilities for Windows 10 under the PowerToys brand. The first is a Windows key alternate route control that is a full screen overlay with dynamic easy routes for every dynamic window or application. You can utilize the utility to hold down the Windows key and find console easy routes, and it’s helpful in case you’re inexperienced with the majority of the implicit Windows console alternate routes or you need to discover speedier approaches to complete things in certain applications.

Custom Fancy Zones

The subsequent utility is a FancyZones window director, and you’ll certainly need to look at this in the event that you like to run numerous applications one next to the other. You can set custom zones and after that basically intuitive applications into these formats to have them naturally resize. It’s incredible on the off chance that you truly need to alter your work area and window the executives much further on Windows 10. Microsoft has even made a 5-minute instructional exercise video to step through all the various ways you can utilize FancyZones. Tragically, it doesn’t seem to function admirably with different screen arrangements at this moment, however.

Windows fans were glad to see the arrival of PowerToys prior this year, and these two utilities mark the primary arrival of this exertion for Windows 10. Microsoft is making them accessible open source on GitHub, and there will be a lot more to pursue. Microsoft is presently grasping this eagerness for PowerToys to allow the to network contribute and make some ground-breaking Windows 10 utilities.

You can download FancyZones and the Windows key easy route control utilities as a component of the new PowerToys venture over at GitHub.

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