Today’s tech news: Lime shutting down its services


Lime has worked a test case program in Seattle since a year ago and is set to finish up toward the part of the bargain. All through the program, in excess of 18,000 individuals took in excess of 200,000 excursions in LimePods, as per a Lime representative. At dispatch, the arrangement was to investigate car sharing for short separations and in the long run supplant its vehicles with an all-electric armada. Lime, nonetheless, isn’t hoping to make LimePods a changeless apparatus of the city now.

Also, Lime said it was not ready to locate the correct accomplice for its LimePod’s electric armada, which prompted the choice to part of the bargain the part of the arrangement time frame.

Lime, which got its beginnings as a bicycle offer organization, has conveyed its bikes and bicycles in excess of 100 urban areas in the U.S. what’s more, in excess of 20 worldwide urban communities. As of late, Lime hit 100 million rides over its micromobility vehicles. Unmistakably, Lime sees all the more a future with shared bicycles and bikes than it does with vehicles.

Recently, Lime raised a $310 million Series D round driven by Bain Capital Ventures and others. That round esteemed the startup at $2.4 billion.