Today’s tech news: Benefits of Sugarcane


Sugarcane juice can provide a solid stock of energy that can start your day off strong and regulate the release of glucose in your body 

 Juice is alpha hydroxy acids, specifically glycolic acid, which has been linked to antioxidant effects on the skin.

Sugarcane juice taken during pregnancy can help to boost metabolism, improve digestion, reduce symptoms of morning sickness, 

Helps eliminate symptoms of constipation, another frequent complaint by pregnant women.

It is often consumed as a home remedy for tooth decay, and resulting bad breath.

This juice boosts calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and manganese levels in the body, making it a critical part of strengthening your bones.

 The fiber helps stimulate peristaltic motion, heal inflammation in the gut, and relieve symptoms of constipation, bloating and cramping.

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