Today’s tech news: Apple iPhones with 5G technology by 2020


Apple planning to bring its own 5G modem in iPhone models by the year 2022.

To launch its first iPhone model with a 5G modem by September 2020 with a Qualcomm chip inside. The bought Intel’s modem business earlier this year to develop another piece of its hardware in-house without being dependent on partners.

According to the report, Apple’s development of the next-gen modem likely led by Esin Terzioglu, worked as Qualcomm’s vice president of engineering until hired by the iPhone maker in 2017.

Apple had stopped working with the leading 5G modem provider, Qualcomm, because of a dispute over its licensing fees. However, the legal war between the two tech giants settled in April at an undisclosed amount.

As part of the settlement, Apple agreed to buy Qualcomm’s 5G chips to use part of its 5G-enabled iPhone scheduled for launch in 2020.

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