Today’s tech news: Apple iPhone SE 2 at $399


The prices for the rumored iPhone SE 2 will start at $399. Alongside the new pricing information and several of his previous predictions for the device, including that it will be powered by the iPhone 11’s A13 chip, will have 3GB of RAM, and will be released in the first quarter of next year.

As new phone will be available with 64GB or 128GB of internal storage (although a report from earlier this year said it would only have 128GB), and will come in gray, silver, or red. He also said that the phone won’t include 3D Touch, although that’s less surprising given the feature has recently disappeared from Apple’s top-end devices. The analyst has previously said he expects the iPhone SE 2’s design to be similar to that of the iPhone 8, echoing a previous report from Bloomberg.

Particularly important for Apple if it wants to compete on unit sales in markets like India, where phones costing more than around $450 only made up 4 percent of the market as of last year. The cheapest phone Apple currently sells is the iPhone 8, which starts at $449.

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