Today’s tech news: Chrome gets dark mode in iOS 13


Chrome 78 for iOS is now available. Google notably adds support for the iOS 13 dark mode and redesigns some parts of the browser with a card-based UI.

On iOS, the Chrome browser respects the system-wide Dark Mode setting with no ability to manually opt out. This behavior is similar to Mac and Windows, but different from Android where themes can be set by the user on an app-by-app basis.

Chrome’s iOS dark mode is slightly different from other first and third-party applications in that it doesn’t use OLED black. Rather, Google leverages a consistent shade of gray throughout its services. This new browser look themes the New Tab page, bars, and various menus. The tab switcher remains unchanged as it already featured a black background.

Version 78 also sees Google redesign Bookmarks, History, Recent Tabs, and Reading Lists with iOS 13’s card motif. Those pages feature bold headings and can be swiped down to return to your previous screen. There’s also a “Done” button in the top-right corner.

Release notes also mention the ability to add a new credit card directly from the settings page. Chrome 78 for iOS is available now via the App Store.

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