Today’s tech news: Sonos speakers with Free Spotify streaming


Sonos is today adding a long-awaited feature to its whole-home audio solution.

Spotify free streaming support. Now you can buy an entry-level Symfonisk speaker for $99 from Ikea and start listening to spotify immediately no need for a Premium account that would cost more than the speaker almost $120 after the first year.

Spotify Free on Sonos lets you shuffle playback of the entire Spotify catalog. It also features 15 on-demand playlists, including personalized playlists like Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mix as well as curated faves like RapCaviar. Spotify Free streams can be played through Sonos speakers directly from Spotify (using Spotify Connect) or via the Sonos app if you prefer, just like Spotify’s ad-free Premium accounts that offer the luxury of unrestricted playback.

These speakers already supports a variety of subscription-free music and radio services. With today’s announcement, the company hopes to entice a hundred million more Spotify users to buy into the sound garden. Something that benefits Ikea too, through its Sonos partnership to develop and sell the budget Symfonisk speaker range.

Spotify Free can be added after applying a software update that’s rolling out to all Sonos-branded speakers today.