Today’s health tip: Benefits of Carrot


Carrots are extremely low in fat and protein.

They are about 10% carbs, consisting of starch, fiber, and simple sugars.

An excellent source of vitamin A in the form of beta carotene.

They are also a good source of several B vitamins, as well as vitamin K and potassium.

A great source of many plant compounds, especially carotenoids, such as beta carotene and lutein.

Eating linked to a reduced risk of cancer and heart disease, as well as improved eye health.

Additionally, this vegetable may be a valuable component of an effective weight loss diet.

Whole carrots harvested before they grow large, while baby-cut carrots are pieces from larger carrots that have been machine-cut, peeled, polished, and washed before packing.

It may cause reactions in people allergic to pollen.

Additionally, carrots grown in contaminated soils may contain higher amounts of heavy metals, affecting their safety and quality.

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