Today’s health tip: Benefits of Fish


Fish is high in many important nutrients, including high-quality protein, iodine, and various vitamins and minerals. Fatty varieties also pack omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.

Eating at least one serving per week has been linked to a reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes.

High in omega-3 fatty acids, which is essential for brain and eye development. It’s recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women get enough omega-3s but avoid high-mercury fish.

Intake is linked to reduced mental decline in older adults. People who eat fish regularly also have more gray matter in the brain centers that control memory and emotion.

Omega-3 fatty acids may combat depression both on their own and when taken with antidepressant medications.

Fatty fish is an excellent source of vitamin D, an important nutrient in which over 40% of people in the United States may be deficient.

Eating fish has been linked to a reduced risk of type 1 diabetes and several other autoimmune conditions.

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