Why Smart Locks & Electronic Locking System ?

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    We need a better understanding of locks to safeguard our property from trespasser whether it might be a home, office and stores. Have you ever thought of a better locking system? Like what type of locks you need? The mechanism behind the locks, you get to learn more about them here.                                                          

    As the present generation is quite advance by associating the technology like mobile phones with alerts the whole organization of the structure generally known as Smart home. Do you think is it a better idea to have such system for longer period of time? Even with more advancement there are disadvantages too. If the hackers can manipulate the home security system then? If mobile gets shutdown or any network issue? Have you ever thought of such situations, do you have any better alternative option? So, I am here to help you with better idea.  

    Type of Locks

    Based on the people ideology they might have hear or seen the types of locks Deadbolts and Electronic lock.


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    These models are conventional which guarantees security with its high metal furnishing and difficult to break it and keep homes secure. Deadbolt locks are affordable to everyone, the range from high end and drill proof models come under single cylinder locks and key in knobs. Also easy to re key if needed by any lock smith.

    Smart Locks

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    More than lock doors, with many features like remote control, voice control, access logs and other smart features. To use them you need a separate Wi-Fi bridge that transfer the signal from the lock to your wireless router, and that costs extra. Some models completely replace your existing deadbolt, and others convert existing deadbolts into smart locks.

    Smart locks are potentially vulnerable to digital hacks. They usually require extra hardware for remote features and are more expensive than conventional deadbolt locks.

    How electronic locking system works?

    But for now you can try this easy Electronic Locks. The difference is deadbolts has cylindrical lock with small pins. When each pin moves forward it separates the top and bottom pins into halves to lock or unlock the key.

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    In the electronic locks there are two main components called as actuators and a motor connected to the cylinder completely fitted into a door frame. With an electric shock supplied to the motor with a remote, keypad or card reader it starts to perform the locking or unlocking task. There are no moving components like pins and levers. Some manufacturers use the traditional locking bolt system they use electricity to push the bolt into a position to unlock door. With manual locking system you may loss the pair of keys. You need specialized locksmith to get it back. But with electronic locking established with keypad system user might can keep random 4 digit pin. If user forgets the pin the system can be reconfigured easily by user itself.  Also you might think electronic lock doesn’t work if power is put off? There are different manufacturers implementing a two different mechanisms known as Fail safe and Fail secure. The Fail-safe, the mechanism helps users to unlock automatically if there is no power. The second Fail- secure this type of system is harmful in an emergency cases if there is power loss they are automatically locked.

    You have established an office where there are many employees and different entry ways, it depends on the requirement and convenience to set up the locking system.  

    Choosing a right locking system?

    First mechanism matters

    There are many various mechanisms involved in manufacturing and developing a lock. In general we find configurations of locks in pins, cylinders, and deadbolts select a better one which fulfills the demand like

    Willing to spend for a better

    If expenditure is not an issue, better try for a genuine brands. The Yale deadbolt locks aren’t cheap and more expensive.

    Staying connected

    Getting a smart lock helps you often in receiving real time notifications about the status of the premises and also controlling through smart phones from remote location to lock and unlock. Even integrating with a Hands free voice assistances and smart speakers. With advancement we may feel more hassle free.

    Fixing up

    The quality of the door matters, think about the door usability like left and right hinged doors. Also the lock with heavy duty material.

    Smart Lock Accessing methods

    Fingerprint authentication: Some advanced locking devices have high security authentication by setting up user fingerprints and more like facial recognition and Iris scanner.

    Passwords: The common authentication system included in every locking devices. This type of locking devices are cheaper.

    Security tokens: A tag is synchronized to identify the exact person. This technology used in modern locking systems 

    Electronic Lock standards

    In the market there are many products and manufacturers, there are some standards to check when you buy or compare the products.

    The locking systems classified as Grade 1 to Grade 3 these metrics gives us the durability of locking system and it should contain ANSI/BHMA standards. As grade 1 locks are most difficult to disable.

    Difficult to remember locking your doors?

    Everyday forgetting locking the door while hurry in going out upon your work. So, remember this trick, it helps you and after days you will notice the involuntary action y you in locking the doors.

    Step1: Place your door keys on table adjacent to the front door. The table must be arranged such that it should grab your attention whenever you go out. 

    Step2:  While going you probably notice the keys on table. You can lock and go, if you still                 forget.

    Step3: But you need to keep handy till you get into the car. If you forget you recognize keys in hand, go lock the door.

    Step4: Still facing similar situation, you need to install a smart home locking system. It has advanced features like locking through smartphone from remote.

    Increase in usage of locking systems

    In US, more burglar activities are high. Recently surveyed reports claim that for every 23 seconds a theft case being registered in the whole there are 3,757 burglaries a day. The states with high burglary record are Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Among the state’s New Mexico is in the top list.  A burglary victim loses $3000 if he gets robbed.

    Best electronic Locking systems

                   Features /Products Tacklife      TurboLock           Schlage          Reagle              Yale
       Best purpose to use     Home/office     Home/office    Home/office     Home/office       Home/office
      Customizable PIN codes   Up to 6, 4-10 digit codes & One-time codes 10 passcodes including 1 master code, 1 standard entry code, and up to 8 personalized user key codes.     30 access codes     Can generate any number of codes          Can generate any number of codes    
                Keyway           Yes        –           Yes        –          –
              Auto Lock automatic door locking after 10-99 seconds  automatically locks after 3 seconds of being opened        – automatic door locking after 10 seconds                        –
            Batteries 4 AA (1.5v, LR6) alkaline batteries required last up to 6 months 4 AAA batteries that last up to 12 months 4 AA batteries required 4x AA batteries 4 AA batteries required
            Keypad auto-back-lit keypad for increased visibility auto-back-lit keypad for increased visibility   Touchscreen keypad auto-back-lit keypad for increased visibility   Touchscreen keypad
           Lock type   Door Knob   Door Knob   Deadbolt     Deadbolt         Deadbolt
                 Alarm   wrong code 5 times continuously, the system will lock 45 seconds and the alarm will sound for increased security alarm will sound for increased security Built-in alarm technology senses potential door attacks Built-in alarm technology Built-in alarm technology
            Re-programming change codes as often as you want Program the keyless door locks with a master code, a standard entry code, and up to 8 user specific codes. change codes as often as you want change codes as often as you want change codes as often as you want
              Hands free        –        – Voice assistance available Voice assistance available Voice assistance available
                Mobile app        –       App control    available Can unlock/lock remotely from smartphone Can unlock/lock remotely from smartphone Can unlock/lock remotely from smartphone
                   Grade             3             3            1             3             1
                Warranty         2 years        1 year        1 year        1 year           1 year
                   Price         $69.97           BUY NOW       $39.95
      BUY NOW
            $149.00       BUY NOW        $189.00      BUY NOW         $242.24        BUY NOW

    Yale locking systems


    The keypad is responsive, it pairs quickly voice assistant speakers. Installation is very easy can be done by self. Auto relock settings available. Back lit keypad, Ask Siri to lock or unlock the door or check current lock status. When you have an Apple TV or iPad set up as a home hub, use Siri commands from anywhere. Use your Apple Home or Yale Secure app to lock or unlock from anywhere.


    It’s difficult for users to establish connection for first time with other home automation systems like Samsung smart things app. The Yale smart lock is weatherproof but not waterproof. Better to read the user guide before installation.

    Bottom line: Highly advanced features included, voice assistance, weather proof not waterproof, setting up the system slightly difficult for first time users.

    Schlage locking systems


    The buttons are very durable, easy to read, and back lit. You can install a smart module to make this a connected lock. It operates smoothly and reliably. The touchscreen can be placed on the outside but it is recommended to place the interior portion of the lock on the inside of your property and not exposed to the elements.


    There is a slight programming error where the lock forgets the current lock status and does not lock by pressing a button. You have to unlock the already unlocked door using a PIN and then press any key again to lock. Of course, you can lock manually from the inside knob, but it is strange. The problem seems to happen when programming and/or using network command.

    Bottom line: Highly recommended, good touchscreen access to lock. It doesn’t lock with pressing the button. Can access remotely from smartphone.

    Reagle locking systems


    Installation can be done in minutes. Good solid design, Great lock for the price, we previously had a Schlage that costs twice as much but essentially did the same thing. The keypad design makes it worry free to enable the auto-relock function. New lock makes feel safe to turn on auto-relock for every smart locks.


    Even the key was a lighter metal and definitely not something that will weigh down your pocket. The buttons are spongy and very nearer, and even though they light up sometimes. Pressing buttons causing others button touch.

    Bottom line: Poor keypad lighting system and buttons very closer to each other. More reliable gives you auto relock function. 

    Turbo lock locking system


    Not sure to fully trust it as an outdoor lock, but it’s fine to control access. This product is fairly solidly built, but it does exactly what you expect, and is a good value.  No wireless / Bluetooth control is a big security plus.


    The lock might not work occasionally. The beep alarm sound is very high and heavier. It doesn’t work in cold weather. There is nothing in their manual about weather issues. Installation was complicated by poorly machined screw holes that cross-threaded several times. Knob jammed mechanically several times within weeks of installation. Doorknob has stopped working after getting a little wet from a big rain.

    Bottom line: Not suitable for all climatic conditions, poor mechanisms, No advanced wireless accessing features.

    Tacklife locking system


    Easy to set up and install. It took me about 15 min. It locks automatically after a certain amount of time so you don’t have to worry about locking the door. Worry free because we sometimes forget to lock/unlock the door when we are not home. No key required, Convenience & security one master code and up to 6 visitor codes. Replace battery easily without removing the whole kit. Especially the one touch lock, makes everything faster and safer.


    Little trouble with is programming the new security code number. The buttons goes inside with frequent use, kids pressing hardly keypad gone. There is difficulty in winters it gets stuck some times. The auto locking feature works even at unnecessary times. The company claims 4 AA batteries for 6 months. But the batteries power gets down within 45 days.

    Bottom line:  Cheaper product, suitable for casual use. Need batteries and some trouble in installing the door lock.