Apple MacBook pro magic keyboard

MacBook pro magic

After a long time of wait, Apple has finally launched its 13 inch MacBook Pro officially with the magic keyboard. Being its latest launch, it represents the end of an era.

The era of the laptops. Apple no longer will sell any new laptops with the maligned butterfly keyboard mechanism. It comes with the starting price of $1,299 and this features minor spec upgrade from the existing family of the 13 inch MacBook Pros.

This product comes with an optional feature of Intel 10th generation processors. The most exciting and amazing feature is the keyboard of the device, which is also its special attraction.

This easily swaps Apple’s most flawed butterfly mechanism with the much preferred one scissor-switch keyboard. This keyboard was for the first time introduced on the latest 16 inches’ mac book pro last year. Now the MacBook models feature the new magic keyboard, which is quite exciting and amazing to work with.

How the New Product is Better than the Predecessor’s?

When compared to its predecessor, it looks comparatively similar. A lot of rumors stated that it may have a bigger screen size of 14 inches and smaller bezels. But its launch had revealed that there is nothing like that, unfortunately. Much similar to its predecessor, it comes up with the same 13-inch retina and True Tone display.

This also features the same Touch ID for the bio-metric identification and the strip of the touchscreen that is perched above the keyboard. Port sets are also the same as found in the family line up and the body is made up of aluminium, designed in space gray or silver.

Much similar to the MacBook Air, the MacBook pro-2020 has equipped with Intel’s latest 10th generation quad-core chip-set. As compared to the MacBook Pro’s previous variant, it can perform 2.8 times much faster, pro Display XDR at full 6 K resolution is supported by the integrated Intel Iris GPU.

Along with that, Apple has thought about storage problems as well. In this model, they have upgraded the internal storage. Doubling the base internal storage to 256 GB, and it is the first time that a 13-inch mac has been added with 32 GB Ram option.

What Makes the New Apple MacBook Pro So Special

An ideal gadget for a school or college student, developer, or creative pro. The amazing retina display and the all day-long battery life make it one of the most portable pro notebook. Magic keyboard and the added storage has boosted up the value for the customers.

Though the base model lacks the Intel 10th generation processor, it comes with 8 GB of RAM. One can easily upgrade the storage for RAM available for $100.

The latest MacBook Pro is sticking with the Thunderbolt 3, USB C connectors. This comes with 4 total ports and one headphone jack. Apple has confidently said that the 13-inch display can reach the 500 nits of brightness and can easily support the P3 wide color gamut.

Thus, providing the gadget with a powerful display and tone graphics is capable of video 4K edit and provides smoother gaming experience as compared to the predecessor.

With the magic keyboard, Apple has replaced the ultra-thin butterfly keyboard. Users have some genuine issues with the butterfly keyboard, like the noise, dust, and the malfunctioning of keys. The company had announced the complete removal of the butterfly keyboard from Apple’s product line.

Special Features of the Magic Keyboard

The new keyboard has a separate escape key and the T shape of arrow keys, which was the most common demand of the Apple users. Along with the touch bar and a separate Touch ID fingerprint sensor, one can easily find these keys. The new mechanism opted the scissors mechanism had made the new keyboard to have 1 mm greater of the key travel.

With this latest updated laptop, Apple shifts swaps form the absolute thinness to the user-friendly features. Thus, the company has opted for features like the longer battery life, thicker keyboards, and easier repairs. Also, Apple has thought of environmental concerns. Keeping in mind, the environmental concerns, the laptop is a makeup from recycled tin and plastic and put together using renewable energy.

The device comes with the faster graphics and the 16 GB of faster 3733Mhz memory. Apple always takes care of the security and safety of its products for its users. Hence, this is why they have added protection in the gadget as well.

The Apple T2 security chips checks for the software that have been loaded during the boot process had been tampered with and provides the on fly data encryption for everything that is stored on SSD. Thus, providing the most secure process of booting and storage of any computer. This also protects the Touch ID information. The Touch Id can be set you to make secure purchases with apple pay.

In the magic keyboard of the latest device, you get the following amazing buttons and features all located in the touch bar:

  • Brightness button: Adjust the brightness as per your requirement directly from the touch bar
  • Mission control button: Helps you to know what is running on the MacBook pro
  • launchpad button: Helps you to know the apps running on your MacBook pro
  • Keyboard illumination button: Adjust the brightness of your keyboard
  • Media buttons: Fast forward, next to or play, pause or resume the music, movie or any slideshow directly from the touch bar
  • Mute button: Mute the sounds
  • Volume button: Increase or decrease the volume of your device directly with the touch v bar

The lot of versatility and the amazing features of the keyboard has made it easier for the users to use the device. Apple is looking forward to making its product better than ever before.

The MacBook Pro is available in two color options and weighs around 1.3 kg and is a portable gadget. With turbo boost up speed, the device works faster and smoother for the heavy graphics as well. It can be easily said that this is going to be an amazing product by Apple.

Author: Pallavi Sara
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