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Baby Registry


Becoming parents soon? Ready to add those little steps in your life? If yes, then the baby registry is what that cannot be forgotten in that case. A baby registry is the list of items that the aspiring parents would love to get as gifts. Thus, by buying up a baby registry, you can keep the track of the baby gear before the little ones arrive in your life.

Babies need a lot of stuff, and this can be very difficult to compile the list of essentials for your little champ for the future. With a lot of choices, you have for the baby registry, it becomes tricky to choose the right one for your baby. Also, the right baby registry can have different meanings from person to person.

Right baby registry for you

Before you begin with the search of the baby registry, it is important for you to know that what you would require and how would you search the one that is best for you. Baby registry sites offer a lot of benefits and exciting perks to the parents. Here is how you can choose the baby registry for you.

  • Completion discounts: A lot of baby registry sites provide the limited offer time discount that you can use towards the need for your pregnancy. If you haven’t purchased any items for you, you can have them then. Or you can get some one-time discount coupon codes instead of the discount period, which both are quite useful to you.
  • Extended return periods: Major of the sites provide the extended return windows for the items that are purchased off for your registry. This means that if you have bought a lot of stuff from different brands out of which a certain brand is only used by your tiny tot, then you can easily return the unused items for the store credit.
  • Free samples: Some of the baby registry sites also surprise you with the free box samples before you make the purchase. This is generally the signup gift.
  • Group gifting: If you have a lot of pricey items in your list and you are concerned that you might be gifted all of them, then some of the sites provide the feature of group gifting. Through this, your friends and family can easily contribute to any amount that they wish towards them.

So keeping these things in mind, you can reap all the benefits form a baby registry website easily. Here in this article, we have compiled the information that we have collected of the research, that is rounded up especially for you. Choose the one that suits your requirements.

Let us get started with the best baby registry brands:

  1. Amazon baby registry: Amazon is known to have the best range of products with the widest collection of the brands. You can add any of the products to your list. The convenience that the amazon baby registry provides is quite amazing. Let us have a look at the perks that the amazon provides to its customers:

Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry

  • Return policy: You get the benefit of returning upto 90 days after the due date. Along with that, the gift giver will never get to know about the return.
  • Discounts: Amazon provides its prime members with a 15 percent discount and ends 60 days after the due date. The non-prime members can get a 10% discount on the purchase that they make.
  • Free gifts: For the prime members’ amazon sends the welcome box full of samples for you and your baby.

If you have been looking for something that is easy to use and is easily accessible around you, then here is the next pal to the list:

  1. Target registry: The website definitely wins a lot of score because of its easy to use design. With a proper design that is simple and yet effective, it makes easier for the users to make a purchase with it. They provide many cute and attractive calendar icons with your due date. Also, they have a large number of target locations all across the country. Here are the benefits that it offers:
  • Return policy: Though the 90-day return policy is followed by them before the due date, but they allow you to return the baby registry upto a year after the due date.
  • Discount: They offer a 15 % completion discount and also a 15 % coupon for the purchase.
  • Freebies: It provides you with the free welcome gift full of samples. You have to redeem the kit at your target store that you have purchased.
  1. Buy buy baby: Use the coupons that they provide with their emails. Bring them to store or gift them to friends or relatives. Here are the major perks that you enjoy:
  • Return Policy: You can return up to one year after the due date.
  • Freebies: You get the baby samples and coupons after the registry creation.
  • Discount: You will get a 20 % registry completion discount and in addition to that you will get the 15 % discount coupon several weeks before the due date ends.

Want to save money and get the prime quality products for your baby. Then here is the solution to you:

  1. Walmart registry: It is known for the extended lower process that it provides to its customers. You will definitely get some amazing deals here. Here are the perks:
  • Return Policy: You can return the items within 90 days of the gift purchase.
  • Discounts: They provide the best prices for their products.
  • Freebies: They provide a welcome box when you start with a registry with them. They also provide the coupon to save on your shopping.
  1. Babylist registry: It provides you with all the things that you need actually for your baby. There are no limits to what you can ask from your family or friends. Have a look at the perks that it provides to the parents:
  • Return policy: Parents get the opportunity to return the products after 9 months of the purchase.
  • Discounts: You can buy the products that you do not receive as a gift with the 15 % discount coupon that is eligible within 60 days of the due date.
  • Freebies: Yes, you get a hello baby box for baby and mom to be from coveted brands.

So these are the major 5 baby registry brands. While choosing the one which is right for you to keep all the important factors in your mind. Among these 5 brands discussion, choosing the best one can be complicated, so make a wise decision. Choose a trustable and reliable service over the one that you do not have faith on.


Author: Pallavi Sara