COVID 19 impact after reopening the country especially for the children


With the ongoing crisis that the world is facing due to the spread of the pandemic COVID 19, novel coronavirus, the whole world has faced a drastic loss. Being a serious and much contagious infection, it has forced the governments of the most developed nations all over the world to put a lockdown in their countries.

The major part of the whole world is now under the roofs and fighting against the spread of COVID 19. With more than 2 months, this virus has spread across the 186 countries all over the world and has affected more than 4 million people globally. More than 3 lakh people have lost their lives and still, the challenge lies ahead about its containment.

The health organizations are forced to continually provide the life-saving programs to the ones who are suffering from this disease. The transmission has been reduced with the help of the mitigation rates and everything in the world has just been locked up. The scenario has turned quite vulnerable and dangerous for the people.

The Present Scenario due to COVID 19

The ongoing medical restrictions on other diseases can be a great reason for the increased mortality rates. Common and unaffected people aren’t able to get the other medical care services that they require. The only possible means to stop the transmission of the coronavirus is social distancing and proper hygiene.

Public health measures like social distancing though spread the transmission of the virus, but this is not good news for the children and women. Households with limited resources have become the major problem to the stressors and socio-economic impacts on children and women especially.

As the countries have faced a lot of downfall in their economies, it is much saddening to know that they have to reopen the countries in such dangerous conditions. If this is not done, then the people in the nation will die out of starvation. And this has forced the countries to resume the normal functioning and supply chains of their economies.

How the Education Segment has been Affected

As the countries began to reopen, schools are still declining. Imagine more than 70% of the enrolled learners who are sitting their homes and coping up with their academics through online teachings methods. Though online teaching methods are quite helpful, but they can have a greater negative impact on their mental health.

Not only the education, but the school closures have also deprived them of the various other facilities that they receive from the government like better nutrition, education, vaccination, and many more services.

With the reopening of the schools, the children will face a lot of problems in their lives. New guidelines and rules will be made for teaching. Also, the government will take care, that the students do not have to face a challenge with their careers and do not waste a single academic career.


There are specific measures that schools have to follow:

  • Providing the students with the information by which they can protect themselves.
  • Let them encourage to sanitize their hands and use better hygiene practices
  • Have to continually keep an eye on the health of the students
  • Making the provisions for smaller batches of classes or multiple shifts for the schools.

When the countries reopen, students get access to move out of the homes and resume back their normal working and they get more chances to get infected by the coronavirus. With the opening of the countries, the students wouldn’t be able to protect themselves from this deadly virus. With everyday life activities back on the track, the chances of spreading the COVID.

The mortality rate because of the COVID 19 would increase at a great pace. Children have weak immune systems and thus, they have more chances to get affected by this deadly and contagious disease. To save their lives, their lifestyles will change to a completely different level. The social interactions will reduce at a significant rate. They will not be making contact with their friends, rather will prefer to stay indoors as much as possible. So their overall emotional and mental growth will be affected to a great level.

They will prefer to play more with virtual games rather than outdoor games. Thus, their physical health will be much affected after the reopening of the countries.

With the reopening, the students will be able to have access to education and schools the way they used to have. But would it be safe? Children, especially of younger age, are more prone to COVID 19 infection. So, reopening the country might be a necessity for the world at the need of the hour but this will have some saddening effects on the growth of the children.

Here is what schools can do to keep the children safe from the infections after the reopening of the schools:

  • Conduction of the temperature checks
  • Studying desks placed at the safe distance to stop the transmission of the disease
  • Helping them to boost up their immunity
  • Let them learn better hygiene practices.
  • Providing them with better health care services
  • Providing them with vital information and holistic support.
  • Increased airflow and ventilation
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the school building, and providing the required sanitization and safe healthy drinking water facilities


The present scenario is that COVID 19 has been spreading at a much faster pace. But the countries cannot let their economies drown this way badly. The conditions will get worse if the vaccine doesn’t get found and the situations can be controlled only if the preventive measures are followed.