The List of Best Social Media Bots for COVID 19

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COVID-19, this is the hardest pandemic that we are going through in this digital age of the 21st century. A disease that has affected the lives of millions of people. We all are now shut inside our homes and facing a lot of challenges related to nutrition, work, health, and much more.

The whole world as a single entity is fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. And even social media is fighting against this pandemic. A variety of Chatbots on social media has been developed exclusively to help people all over the world by sharing updated information about COVID-19.

Social media bots are an effective means to disseminate accurate information about the disease to people all over the globe. The escalated use of the COVID-19 has escalated up the use of the chatbots.

COVID-19 is definitely the most contagious disease ever and this has led to the lockdown of most of the countries all over the globe. People are afraid and the rumours spread like fire and thus, arising fear among the people.

In such a situation, social media bots are helpful to the people in living a better stress-free life and dispelling the myths. They provide accurate information about the diseases and also the online consultation and answer the various queries that people are always looking for. The quarantine can trigger the feelings of loneliness and even depression among the folks.

How social media bots help to fight against COVID-19?

During these times of the pandemic, chatbots are the natural choice for disseminating health information. The development in the technologies, like the NLP and AI, integrated together, has expanded their reach leading to some of the most common tools like Siri and Alexa etc. These have been continuously spreading the right information continuously to the vast populations across the globe.

Also, they can offer strong potential for curated information. This information can be customized as per the needs and the symptoms of the individual. Also, the people get the responses in a much interactive manner and quickly as compared to the online search methods.

CDC and WHO the leading organizations have also launched their chatbots to effectively help the people with the rumours and the mental health problems that they are facing. Governments are also launching their own chatbots that provide authenticated and genuine information only to the people.

Here are the social media bots that help the people and give them with the positive vibes and attitude for life in such difficult situations:


  • PinkyMind: Chatbots are designed for the automated responses in general, but people nowadays are looking up for the certified therapists as well. To such conditions, comes the Pinky Mind, an app that is designed with an interactive and user-friendly portal and gives the freedom to the people to choose the kind of the help that they have been looking for.
  • You will not be getting any random answers to the queries that you put up and there will be no instances of the generic or vague questions asked from you. With the help of this amazing tool, one can get the therapist’s consultation, free of cost. For the paid services, one can also schedule their appointment with a therapist that they find best for them through the online platforms.
  • YourDost: This social media bot has been in use for 5 years now but has upsurged with 60% of new users over the last two weeks because of the COVID-19 outbreak. They are getting a lot of cases related to anxiety and panic-induced cases.
  • This app provides suggestions on how to deal with the problems that they face during the pandemic times. This bot helps them to boost their self-growth and immunity and provide them a relaxed state of mind.
  • IWill: This is yet another powerful consultation app that is handling more than 600 cases per month, almost double in quantity as compared to the before COVID 19 times. Every month, more than 1.5 million users have got the mental health-related oriented assessment tests after they sign up.
  • This also holds the personalized FEED like the real-life stories and the beneficial content that helps the users to grow and motivate themselves.

Well, there are a lot of other social media bots as well that provide the right information and the right guidance to the people.

Their accessibility is also much easier. People can easily access them from a wide range of devices. Also, this will benefit the healthcare clinics and the hospital call centre as people will get the solution to their problems.

Impact of Chatbots on People in their Regular Life

Though the chatbots are the campaigns that are controlled by human users, they can the negative impacts on the people as well. The result can be just the opposite as expected and thus the social media is taking care of that the bots do not spread any kind of misinformation to the people.

COVID-19 has become the pacemaker of bot technology. This is helping people all over the world to get the information required. This is making people more comfortable to get the best healthcare facilities by staying at their home. In the long term, when we emerge out of this crisis, we will become likely to the digital chatbots for most of the tasks.

These are the virtual assistants for the life of the people and people can get the required information.

As this pandemic goes on, the social media bots will be more in use and implementation as it goes on. Also, the government and the social media companies have been looking to create the frameworks that will maximize these benefits and minimizing the risks.

It will help the common people like you and us to lead a better life with genuine and accurate information.


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