The robotic dog named “Spot”, designed by the Boston Dynamics had a very busy time during this lockdown. It was used to provide a wide range of services ranging from, counseling the patients to the implementation of social distancing guidelines. We are already able to see tons of robots out there in the supermarkets and grocery stores to help fight this pandemic with more precautionary measures.

Now this dealt of work is being expanded to many other fields of human intervention. One of which is farming. And hence the Boston Dynamics has collaborated with the New Zealand Robotics firm to give rise to a four-legged auto-machine. Rocos concentrates on the remote monitoring and operation of Robo-fleets. The “agro-digital” wave is hitting hard in this pandemic and so this autonomous robot is emerging in the fields and orchards throughout the globe. These robots can roll on wheels, walk, and even fly. They can be equipped with almost everything ranging from infrared and LIDAR cameras to the real-time mapping technologies. The robots are themselves becoming more agile with the ability to navigate themselves through the rugged ground terrains and muddy slopes to carry out various farming activities. These robodogs also have the ability to track down the previous records associated with the weather and farming tactics and compare them to process out the best of the results.

The best thing that is provided by these tech giants is that, you can automate these automatons on a large scale. They can work independently and simultaneously feed the data associated with the real-time surround processing. This technology enables you to have an accurate yield estimates and also less human intervention. The time has come when the precision of scientific experiments can be drawn to these agricultural fields by using the robotic idiosyncratic “SPOT”. A gift to the ever-increasing human population is SPOT.

As the ailment has hunted the assembly line and warehouse workers, who all are helpless to operate in the close quarters, the need for using these robots is also sound in these professions, where the rate of contamination is considered to be pretty high. Forgetting about the harsh criticisms, the big giants like Amazon are facing, these robots have become the need of the hour. In fact these devices can be a humanitarian aid in various sectors and thus provoking us to make the use of this tech more and more.

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