Google’s Next Android TV Streaming Device.

Google's Next Android TV Streaming Device

Google is building up its launchpad to thrust  new hardware to release another Pixel and also add a new member to its Chromecast family. At the beginning of March, Stephen Hall first revealed Google’s plans to launch a new streaming media device based on Android TV with the code-name “Sabrina”. It said that this member of Chromecast Ultra will have a special dedicated remote on its side for easy controlling and superior operation.

The new remote glances are like a cross between the Daydream View and Apple TV. This device is going to be the successor or another version of it Chromecast with a native Android TV built into it. It is possibly going to be running under the Nest umbrella as google has already rebranded all of its other smart home devices under the Nest brand.

The 9to5Google has confirmed that it will support 4K HDR content with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. It would work like Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, giving you a pre-defined interface with several pre-installed apps.

The codename that they decided to go for the device is “Sabrina”. Sabrina has an oblong shape, unlike the Chromecast Ultra’s rounded shape and it will be colored like Black, White, and a new light pink color unlike the other members of the Chromecast family who had only black and white notions. It is predicted to have a smooth surface that gives the impression of a sandstone-like texture.

Now as far as controlling it, we have a few options to be able to control

  1. Using Google home.
  2. Using your smartphone and you can technically cast to it.
  3. Remote – As it has a native Android TV UI built into it.

The remote has a few buttons on it.

  • There’s a touchpad for selection as well as a back button
  • There’s Google Assistant button
  • Home button
  • Favorites button
  • Play pause as well as a Mute option

The remote is shown off in a plain white color, though there could be other colors to match the design of the Android TV dongle. It’s very functional and very easy to use in the sense of what they’re trying to provide us. It’s a small form-factor, very close regarding the size to the last 2018 Google Chromecast that they released which was very nice and easy to control and able to be plugged in straight to the back of your TV.

In the UI, we can definitely see some improvements. It is focused more on content and on third-party application integration. We can see Disney plus, HBO, and of course other party devices in there. There’s also going to be the live TV integration with YouTube TV which is going to be natively built into this.

They’re also trying to bring in some of the smart functionalities that we have in the smart displays from Google Nest over to the actual ecosystem here with the new Android TV.

The ability to answer the front door camera and interacting with the person on the door without even having to leave the living room is very functional. It can also provide home automation as well as Google Assistant interface which is going to be improved than previous versions. And not only are you getting the voice response, but we are also able to get video recommendations as well. So the UI is updated and looks very marvelous. It is also going to support Dolby Vision and is based on an Amlogic SoC, but the information regarding the exact chipset that is being used is not released. The availability and the pricing, are yet to release. The price of the product is estimated to be around $69 as Google is trying to compete with Roku and Amazon in this space, though, so the company will likely have to cut some corners to sell at such a low price point.

So this is all about the features displayed in the leaked video of 9to5Google