Todays tech News :Microsoft’s New Edge Browser Now Rolling Out


Microsoft’s latest browser is completely redesigned and was released on January 15, 2020. It was built using chromium source code which was developed by Google. The new Microsoft edge is available for Windows 7,8,8.1,10, macOS, IOS, and Android. The version for Linux is coming very soon. It appears that Edge will be automatically installed through Windows Update on Windows 10 version 1803 and higher.

It’s so amazing and people have already made it their default browser. Here are the top 10 Microsoft Edge chromium best features that will convince you to use it too.

#1. New Interface

The Edge chromium interface has been completely redesigned. It has modern design elements with rounded edges that are similar to the chrome browser. The default search engine for the edge is Bing but you can change it according to your choice.

There are three-page layout options

  1. Focused – It makes search history and your recently visited sites more prominent.
  2. Inspirational – It provides a background image.
  3. Informational – It adds the Microsoft news feed that you can customize.

Chrome users could also notice the familiar menu structure and then you have integration into Office 365 where you can synchronize favorites, passwords, and contacts with your Microsoft active directory account. And even the tab layout is Chrome light.

#2. Speed

Edge chromium is immensely accelerated itself regarding the speed of loading and transact. Microsoft has Rewritten Edge using the chromium open-source development platform from Google and now it compares to Chrome for Speed. Looking at the octane 2.0 test results, Edge chromium destroys Internet Explorer and the old badge browser and is on par with chrome for overall performance.

#3.Tracking prevention

Edge chromium has added a privacy setting to prevent tracking and sharing of sites you visit. You have options for basic, balanced, or strict tracking prevention. The balance setting blocks known harmful trackers and trackers from sites you haven’t visited. You can set it to strict but it risks some sites not working correctly. So the balance choice is the recommended setting. This gives you much more control over how your information is shared.


Collections allow you to organize and share information when browsing the web. Start by opening the collections pane. You can add the current page to your collection, drag and drop images from your page onto the collection. rearrange the items on the list and you can add even notes in the collections. quickly copy and paste your data into other applications like in Word or Excel where you can easily sort, search, and filter this data. and  also click on the links to open the original page.

Edge chromium creates a visual card that remembers this data every time you open your browser and you can easily select from that list to go back to those locations. It’s a simple way to organize your content and easily access it at a later date.

#5. Immersive reader.

The Immersive reader removes the ads and other clutter and gives the background to make reading easy. If you want to read an article without all the distracting ads and peripheral information, use Immersive Reader to get directly to your text. By Clicking it, it strips out all the other peripheral information. And you can even read this aloud in different voices and speed. And this is a feature that makes the new edge so special.

Immersive Reader gives you the opportunity to readjust the information you want in the article that you’re looking at.


#6. Picture in Picture

Just like the Chrome, picture in picture mode is available in Edge chromium. It allows you to work in the background while your video continues to play in the window. You can also notice cast media to the device as an option. This option lets you select a device to cast the video and it begins playing on that device. Both of these features are part of the Chrome development environment and therefore now available in Edge chromium.

#7 Dark theme

Edge chromium has a new dark theme setting. You can go to the Appearance section and change the themes according to your need.

#8Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps or PWA’s allow you to run applications in a separate window from your browser. They act more like applications than websites and work independently from your browser platform. PWA’s are managed from The Edge chromium menu. They allow you to turn websites and applications on your computer, a great new feature of edge chromium.

#9. Extensions.

You can add extensions to Edge chromium simply by clicking on extensions on the menu. You see a list of extensions broken down into categories and select one that you want to install. There are several extensions available from the Microsoft Store for download and Edge chromium. Since Edge is re-written in chromium, you also have access to a large array of Google Chrome extensions. To enable access, turn on the allow extensions from other store toggle and click the allow button browse the Google extensions and you can select an extension from the Google Store. As well as adding extensions to your browser opens the door to an enormous array of third-party developed enhancements and makes Edge chromium even more powerful.


#10. Grammar tools

Edge chromium has experimental settings called Flags. You can turn on one of these flags called grammar tools. Once enabled the grammar tools option shows up in immersive reader mode. So after opening a news article and then clicking on the immersive reader, it translates it into just text. And now on the menu, you have an option called grammar tools. This gives you some choices of setting syllables, nouns, verbs, and adjectives so that you can see them within the text.

So these were the top 10 reasons, why the new Microsoft edge is capable of becoming your next default browser.

Hope you like it. Thanks for reading.