A Raspberry Pi



Ever imagined to have a computer of just $35? Say no to the large desktops and expensive laptops if you have slightly a low budget this time. The UK’s largest selling computer Raspberry Pi is there for you. Curious to know about what it is? So get ready to dive in the Raspbian world OF RPi and have a credit card sized processor in your Gadget list.

What is a Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi’s – The cornerstone of the tinkering community. And despite their deliciously deceiving name, Raspberry Pie’s aren’t for a tasty treat. They are for the devices for computing and programming. Basically, A RPi is a cheap computer developed in response to a lack of computer literate young ones. Raspberry Pi’s are teeny tiny super cheap computers with the largest being about the size of a deck of cards and the smallest being slightly larger than a stick of gum. But despite what it looks like. It has everything a normal-looking computer has. You need to connect a monitor, keyboard mouse, and the internet. Hence we get ourselves a full-fledged computer. Before a few years, there were the most popular computers on the market running Windows or Mac operating systems, but the Raspberry Pi runs something called Linux as their desktop operating system. To be specific it’s a version of Linux called Raspbian, designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi. But not all pies are created equal.

How much is a Raspberry Pi?

There are several different versions of Rpi

1.) Pi 0.

The Pi 0 this is the run to the bunch. It’s super tiny and requires a few extra adapters to get everything connected to it. But once you do, it’s great for projects that have very little extra space. While it’s the cheapest in the bunch .i.e. of $10 with Wi-Fi and $5 without it, it also doesn’t have as much computing power as compared to its bigger siblings.

2.) The model a series.

It has a faster processor than the Pi 0, but the same amount of memory. A full-sized USB port, audio port, and a full-sized HDMI port. The newest versions even have built-in Wireless and Bluetooth and this one is going to set you back about $25.

3.) The model B series.

The pie with all the bells and whistles. It has four USB ports a full-size to Ethernet Jack and up to 4 gigabytes of memory, quad-core processor, and the newest versions even support dual monitors. That’s more power than a lot of laptops have on the market. Now don’t expect to play Fortnight or Rockstar games on this thing but starting at $35, It’s one of the cheapest decently powered computers on the market.

How does a Raspberry Pi work?

At first glance, the Raspberry Pi doesn’t seem very impressive, especially when you get to the spec sheet you get a quad-core arm CPU that doesn’t support all the same instructions as a desktop or a laptop.

  • X86 CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 2 USB ports
  • 1 HDMI port
  • An Ethernet Jack
  • A Micros slot for storage Wireless and Bluetooth
  • 3 1/2 millimeter combined Video and Headphone jack.

But having a cheap full-fledged computer is cool. So let’s address the real reason this pie has become so popular. It works very similar to the laptops and desktops but the processing is on a small scale as compared to their CPUs. Also, it consists of tiny pins which are called general-purpose input-output pins or GPIO pins. These pins can send and receive electrical signals and you can control those electrical signals from the operating system. Being able to control electrical signals means that you can control a lot of things that use electricity to run.

What is a Raspberry Pi used for?

For example, that would be things like LED lights, Motors, buttons, switches, radio signals, audio signals, and even LCD Displays. You can make a display that shows your YouTube subscribers. You could even add joysticks and buttons to make your mini arcade system and other similar games. It’s pretty limitless what you can do with these GPIO pins and it takes the Raspberry Pi from the Computing world to the physical world. If you’ve ever been curious about Electronics or programming than the Raspberry Pi is an excellent tool to have in Arsenal and it $5-$35 dollars.

What cool things can you do with a Raspberry Pi?

You can try to use the Pie as a general-purpose PC for web surfing and YouTube and whatnot.

Google launches AIY voice kit for Raspberry Pi


RPI has turned the world of computing on its head. You can do so much with a tiny computer these days and you don’t need a huge budget. In fact, they’ve sold over 8 million of these things and that makes it the UK’s all-time best-selling computer. It’s been to the International Space Station and they show teachers how to use them. So teachers and students can use them together to create awesomeness.

Well, let’s look at the top 9 coolest things other people have done to get an idea and draw a little bit of inspiration

  1. Connect 4 Game.

Do you remember the Connect Four game? Well, now you can actually play against a Raspberry Pi. It is the Pi along with an armed kit and some other pieces of servos to create a very worthwhile opponent. He may be a little slower than us, but you can’t rush Brilliance.

8.) Bike Monitor

A user took a regular old Kindle and attached a Pi with Wi-Fi and GPS and turned it into a touchscreen bike computer for monitoring your speed distance and navigation. All the bike displays on the market are just so small and getting a large screen is just adorable.

7.) Artificial Pancreas

A user created the DIY pancreas to help people who have diabetes and using a Raspberry Pi. It’s able to not only keep an eye on their insulin levels but also issue commands to their insulin pump while they are asleep to keep their levels steady, without even waking them up.

  1. Mouse Trap

A mousetrap that doesn’t hurt or kill the little mice and you can release them back into the wild. This thing is a box. Once the mouse goes in and it releases a door that traps them inside. Then it takes a picture and texts you that you have a mouse in the trap.

  1. Smart Mirror

How about a mirror that tells you – you look especially amazing today. This is the magic mirror. You’ve seen those mirrors that show you the weather and the news feeds which seems like really cool futuristic kind of stuff. But all those are freaking expensive. But this is a hack that lets you do it yourself.

  1. 3d Scanner

This is a full 3d scanner using 40 Raspberry Pi’s, 40 cameras and they also had 40 SD cards, a couple of power supplies, and led strips. It’ll scan a person or thing and they used shape ways to print it in full color.

  1. Arcade Machine

A user turned a wine barrel into a Raspberry Pi-powered arcade machine. It’s using Pi play which is an OS for gaming and emulation. He mounted the monitor in the barrel with some glass over it. The controls are attached to the side and made it the most awesome game.

  1. Baby Monitor

Parents are going to love this one. Baby Monitor detects crying while your baby is in the other room supposed to be sleeping. The Pi needs the product OS with speech and a couple of apps to become a baby monitor. It’ll also put your baby back to sleep if you want by playing music when he or she starts to cry so you may not need to go into the room every few minutes.

  1. Smart Screen

This is a Raspberry Pi with Wi-Fi and LCD screen and a bunch of other stuff that will display your calendar, Weather, and whatever else you want.


So here’s what you all need to know about the Raspberry Pi. If you haven’t bought this amazing gadget yet, click on the below link to grab it now.

Now you guys are ready to have your own Raspbian PC on your table.

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