Telegram adds new video editing tools

Telegram adds video editor
Telegram Messenger. (Photo: Twitter/@telegram)

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service. Telegram messenger app is available for iOS, Windows Phone, Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS. Users can communicate via messages and transfer photos, audio, videos, stickers, and files of any type with this they added Telegram video editor.

Most of us believe that Whatsapp is the best messaging app out there and many of us have not even installed telegram till today. But there are n reasons why telegram is way better than WhatsApp.

Telegram just crossed 400 million active users around the world and with the latest updates, it has given a tough competition to other social messengers.

So it’s the best time to give Telegram a try and here are some really damn good features of the telegram, which can convince you to switch to Telegram.

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service, and thus every single message you sent out, is not stored on your phone. In fact, it is stored in the data centers of telegram.

So if you plan to switch to some other phone in the future, then you don’t have to make backups of your chat. You just have to log in to your new phone and every single message you ever sent will be already there on your new phone.

Telegram File Size Sending !

Whatsapp has the limit of 160 MB for sending files to some other person and 17Mb be for the video files and you cannot even send all kinds of files. On the other side, Telegram lets you send any kind of file with the maximum size of 1.5 Gigs. So if you have movies to share with your friends you can do with the telegram.

You can stream the video or audio files even before they are finished downloading. For example, your friend sends you a video file that is big in size, but you cannot wait to download it first and then watch. So when you receive a video file, there are two buttons one is a play button and one is a download button.

If you tap on the play button the video starts to play after a few seconds of buffering, so you don’t have to wait for the downloading to be finished. And as you can see there is even a video buffer down below just like YouTube you will even notice that the video is being downloaded in the background.

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Telegram also lets you choose the quality of the photo you want to send.

When you have to send a photo from the quick menu, the photo will be highly compressed to make the size very small and easy to download but let’s say you want to send the original photo without losing the quality then just tap on the gallery and notice that there is an option to send without compression.

So this gives you the original size of the image and there is no loss in quality.

They also have a feature called a draft. For example, you start writing a message on your phone. But for some reason you could not complete it, you will see “Draft” is written on the chat in which you have an incomplete message and you can come back again anytime and complete the message. They also took it one level further. Now if you decide to complete your message from your PC, then the message is already there. You don’t have to do anything for it.

Another problem with the WhatsApp is that if you want to chat with someone then you have to share your number with them. And many people are not even comfortable with sharing their numbers with the people when they meet for the first time. But with Telegram, you don’t have to tell them your number. You just have to tell your telegram username and they can message you with that. And when they chat with you, they cannot even see your number. Just your username is visible.

Telegram lets you use multiple accounts in just one app. For example, if you have two different phone numbers for your work and personal life, then you can add those two different accounts in just one app.

This app also lets you edit messages. So if you send a message in which there are mistakes or something is missing, then you can just hold the message and tap on edit to correct the word or mistake.

Telegram also lets you remove your sent messages. You may say that WhatsApp already has this feature, but to be true there is a catch to that. In what’s up, you get only very limited time to unsend a message. Also, when you delete the message from WhatsApp, your friend will be able to see that the message was deleted. But in the telegram, you can delete the message whenever you want. There is no time for that and if you ever delete a sent message on telegram, your friend will never get to know that.

You can trim the video, crop its frame, and also adjust the brightness and saturation of the video. You can manually customize the video according to your preference, or you can tap your screen twice to have Telegram adjust it automatically. Telegram also introduced educational snippets to quizzes and a new directory with 20,000 stickers.

Users feel that there is still one major thing that is lacking and that is secure group video calling. There is some news telling that Telegram will be releasing video calling very soon in this year. With Telegram, you can have up to a hundred thousand people in just one group. It also lets you choose different things to make it.

The only issue is the number of users that telegram has when compared to Whatsapp and telegram falls short in that category.