A Brief Comparison of the Services of Outlook, Gmail and Apple mail

Outlook Gmail and Apple mail services

Businesses are broadening day by day and it becomes much important for businesses to have a reliable means of communication. Professionals prefer emails as a trusted source of communication for their business tasks. In the crowded web-mail services providers, choosing the one that is best for business and productivity is the major question.

You might have heard of the Gmail, Outlook and the Apple mails as the top email services head to head. Choosing the one that meets your business requirements is the major problem.

Here, we have deeply compared the three of the email services that provide you with features that makes managing your business easier and smoother.

Although there are various modes of communication available like skype or the Zoom app, but email will still remain as one of the most popular forms of communication in the business world. Since the email is not going anywhere, it becomes important to choose the right email services.

All across the world, the major email service providers are Gmail, Outlook and the Apple mail.

The battle between the three has always been an interesting one and there is no end to the sight. This is one of the beneficiary’s aggressive competition. Let us dig into the details and get to know which one suits your business in the better way.

Let us  started to know the differences in the features of these three major and top running email service providers.

Different Features of the Giant Email Services

When we talk about the features of the email services, we have a lot of things for the comparisons. The outlook is still having the traditional file folder system and is much familiar to the users. This is why it is easier for users onboard. Although with the advanced features available, users find this as a restrictive one as a single mail can assigned to a single folder only and this limits the organization of the messages.

Coming to Gmail, it has provided users with innovative label features. The labels can make the functionality and the organization of the emails much easy as compared to the file system. Even the Apple mail provides the users with easy organization features to its users.

Though Apple is known for providing the iOs platform to the world, but Google is one of the most used search engines and this is why the competition among these two brands is neck to neck. The outlook is also one of the featured service providers and has been in the race for a long time. If we talk about the mobile approach, then Gmail wins the race. Outlook and Apple mail cannot be linked with all of your smartphones, whereas, Gmail can easily be used with the Android or the Windows or iOS phones.

How people categorize between the different mail services

For iOS lovers, Outlook can be the modern email that will take away your heart. You can get the latest features like the swiping features through which you can easily archive, delete or snooze the emails out of the inbox. You can enjoy the filtered and much focused email box that can sort the emails on its own for you. Also, Outlook email can work with any service like iCloud, Yahoo, Gmail or IMAP, etc.

Also, it comes with other features like ever-present response bar, which makes it easier for quick responses. It has got a deeply integrated calendar that can schedule your events and you will simply get and email and thus, separate apps are required to have for your schedule management.

Gmail is the perfect app for android lovers. Though it performs well on the Ios platform. There has been a lot of changes in the base version of the Gmail, the Gmail is now empowered by powerful features like email sorting, labels and the spam folders. Also, you get the features if the smart replies with Google and you get flagged priority inbox automatically. Also, you get easy pop-up notifications with Gmail. In case if you are a Chromium user of Google’s playbook, then Gmail features work best for you. And for Android users, Gmail is the default option. You might find a lot of other email apps for your anorid phone, but no one else can beat this powerful email services.

What should be the preference of the user

For the Apple lovers, Apple mail is a must to use application. This comes preinstalled on all of the iOS devices and users find a clunky UI with this. Though the Apple mail is an individual platform and these users have to pay for using the features and services of the email. Also, the Apple mail is able of working with both POP and IMAP but the users have to pay for access before they can use it.

When comparing all these email providers, it found that all these three are equally good with some pros and cons for the services that they provide. It is the kind of user that decides the right one. Like in Gmail, you can easily search the emails, documents, and images and even can scour the web pages for that. And in Apple, you get the Siri that makes your work easier and reduces the hard work with the Apple email app. Thus, for Apple, you need to have a separate app.

Outlook provides some of the powerful design features and easy to use custom UI. Although the themes are outdated but still are still preferred. But when it comes to the business, people seek for productivity. Gmail comes with a lot of plugin and extensions and thus making it a better choice by the users as compared to any other email services. but there is no hard and fast rule for the businesses to use Gmail. It just the statics that reveals that 90% of the internet users have at least @Gmail.com as their one of the email ids and this proves that the service that enhances the productivity and makes it easier for the users to use the things on their laptops and devices is liked more.