Facebook, Messenger and Instagram gets down simultaneously

Facebook gets down
PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 15: In this photo illustration, the logos of the messaging applications, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and Facebook are displayed on the screen of an Apple iPhone on March 15, 2019 in Paris, France. Social media Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp have been affected by a global outage for nearly 24 hours on March 14, 2019 cutting virtual worlds to nearly 2.3 billion potential users. Facebook has explained the causes of malfunctions that have disrupted its networks in recent days. This failure is due to the "server configuration change" that has caused cascading problems Facebook is excused for the inconvenience caused to users and companies that are dependent on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp to run their business.(Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)

During the ongoing pandemic period, the most reputed and top social media apps stopped working due to some technical issues. And it was not clear to the people when the apps will start functioning properly.

The issues with the apps lasted for few hours and fixed after certain time. The problems with the apps not experienced by all the users. Rather, there were specific parts that have stopped working for some of the users. WhatsApp and Facebook users were struggling with the photos and errors with the messages.

Also, the another problem is that the outages duration not known. The services are also not transparent about the issues and their causes. The affected area for the dysfunctioning of the apps includes majorly US east coast central Europe, east Asia and India. People were also found reporting and complaining on Twitter for the halted services of Facebook accounts and products not working properly. Barring the WhatsApp, they faced issues with the desktop version of Facebook, its mobile app and the Instagram app.

A Brief Summary of Technical Glitches

March was not a so good time for the FaceBook, as the company was hit by its biggest outage ever. This took down the Instagram app and the WhatsApp as well in some cases. Since these are the top three apps that are used by the people worldwide. This outage was probably the biggest ever seen globally.

It was stated by the officials that it is because of the changes in the server configuration that has led to the troubles in accessing the apps and services. The issues have now been resolved and our systems are recovering. Also, they thanked the people for showing the patience about the poeblmes that they faced with the services and also showed their guilt by stating sorry for the inconvenience caused by our services.

But this explanation is not enough to tell about what actually was wrong. Though this gave a hint of the probable reasons. And there was no hint about how long the problems would last for.

It was also reported that there are troubles in loading Facebook pages. However the pages were loaded after a few tries but they could only see the cover image and the rest of profile was inaccessible.

People showed their concern in huge numbers regarding non-working of the apps

There were huge number of complaints regarding the non functioning of Facebook. Out of this, 67% of the complaints were regarding the trouble to log in to the account. 14% of the complaints were regarding the problems that they face with the images and the media files while the rest of 17% reported about the total blackout. The interesting thing is that while covering down the whole story, the FaceBook dashboard showed that as if everything  working normally.

Similar reports were there for Instagram as well in which people were complaining regarding the non-working of the photo-sharing app. More than 51% of the users reported about the problems with the news feed. While the 44% have issues with logging in their accounts and there were 3% of the complaints regarding the website functioning.

The reports about the messengers were not clear but twitter also posted about the app.

After the posting of such tweets, Instagram tweeted pointing to the issue that they are aware of such problems and their teams are working on it. This tweet followed by the another one that confirmed the fixing of these issues.

Since WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook are the biggest apps worldwide that turning them around can take a longer time. If anyhow the traffic sent to some wrong place, then there can be a millions of people that could follow that and use the services excessively. The web services like Facebook and Instagram etc are present across the several servers across the web. Some of these servers are not in actual control of the company itself. So, this means that the change in the server settings or the services can take some time to get reflected right across the web.

Since the apps have claimed that they have fixed the problems. But this might not case for everyone, as when a problem is fixed this doesn’t mean for everyone. The scenarios differs for the lager websites and applications as there are a lot of servers that are required for their working. Now the things have gone better and the reports about the issues with these apps have reduced a lot.