Introducing Money in Excel, an easier way to manage your finances

Money in Excel

For most of the peoples, the most problematic and the troublesome task is managing the personal finances. It can become problematic and irritating sometimes as the matters related to the finances are critical ones.

But, with the use of the right tools, it can really help in the management of your accounts. To track the expenses of every month and the transaction done quite difficult for people all over the world. This is one of the time-consuming processes as a small error can lead to some great problems and detecting the error is the next level of troubles.

Although millions of people all over the world have been using Excel spreadsheets for tracking their budget records. And they have to manually update the budget spreadsheets and this process requires a lot of time. But now tech giant Microsoft has decided to make the finance matters simple for its users.

As managing the financial budget is a critical and most important task for any person or organization. People want the excel to be a more seamless experience. Keeping all this in mind, Microsoft has launched the feature of Money in excel. A feature that makes it easier for managing the money in excel. Microsoft has embarked on a journey that simplifies the expenses and the record of personal finances.

Manage money hassle free with money in excel

Money in excel is a template that makes it easier to connect the bank, credit card, investments, and loan accounts to Excel. With this integration, the excel imports your transaction and account information into the excel spreadsheet.

For existing Microsoft users, it is easier to download the template. After the download finished, the user has to follow the on screen instructions to connect your financial accounts via a third-party plugin that is supported by Plaid.

After the complete settings and account verification, the workbook gets updated automatically on its own with the latest transaction history and can be used easily.

Let us know how money in excel makes it easier for you to manage your money hassle free and easy.

Track record of money

Money in excel automatically fetches the information of the transactions made with your account once the financial accounts merged with your MS account. This will make it easier by reducing the manual efforts for setting up the personal financial record. With the update button, the transactions are automatically updated. This template comes up with an add on feature of a snapshot of the transactions and accounts without ever leaving Excel.

Close to your financial goals

With the help of excel, you can easily track and get to know about your spending habits. Thus, you get to know about useless expenditure. You can have a deep and clear look at how much you are spending on groceries, rents, bills and household items, and much more. The spreadsheet provides an easy to read graph that helps you to quickly keep an eye on what are your expenses. Easy to compare your month to month expenses and helps you to ensure that you not caught of unaware of any unknown or suspicious transactions. Also, get alert for any increase in the subscription fee or changes in the bank and big purchase that you make.

Easy to customize

Excel chosen the people because it provides them with a personalized approach. The customizable money in excel feature you can set your goals on your own. Add on your personal category for the expenses that are not present in the template. Perform a quick analysis and copy the relevant transaction in a new excel sheet. Get calculations done faster and easier and charts with your recurring expenses.

And there is much more than money in excel offers to its users. All in all, this makes the managing of finances much easier without any requirement of manual updation. Users get the price alerts as well and the financial records become more manageable and empower with a hassle-free experience. Drill into your shopping and spending habits with excel.

Money in excel will be added as the desktop app as well and excel for the web is also available. With the help of this powerful template, users get connected to their financial institutions and banks and sync their account into the excel spreadsheets. Also, the users get some of the personalized financial tips. And insights about the changes that made in the money spending, and other transaction information. Currently, the template is available for users in the US only. But soon the wider rollout expected in the future.