Today In History June 30


History takes the form of a tremendous story, a rolling narrative filled with great personalities and tales of turmoil and triumph. Each era adds its chapters to history while reinterpreting and finding new things in the chapters already written.History provides us a sense of identity. History also provides a sense of context for our lives and our existence. It helps us to understand the way things are and how we might approach the future.

Let’s discover what happened on June 30 in world history

1758: The Battle of Domstadtlbegins during the Seven Years War.

The Battle of Domstadtl also spelled asDomstadt, Czech Domašov was a battle between the Habsburg Monarchy and the Kingdom of Prussia at the Moravian village ofDomašovnadBystřicí during the 3rd Silesian War (Part of the Seven Years’ War) on June 30, 1758, preceded by a minor clash at Guntramovice(Gundersdorf) on28 June. Austrians with the command of Major General Ernst Gideon von Laudon and Major General Joseph von Siskovits attacked and destroyed a supply convoy bound for the Prussian army besieging Olomouc (Olmutz). The Austrian victory free the city and the Prussian King Frederick the Great was forced to leave the Moravian village.

1805: The United States Congress organizes the Michigan Territory.

The Michigan Territory was an organized incorporated territory of the United States that existed from 30 June 1805, until 26 January 1837, when the final extent of the territory was admitted to the Union as the State of Michigan. Detroit was the territorial capital.

Michigan Territory was established by an act of the United States Congress on 11 January 1805, effective June 30, 1805. The Act defined the territory as “all that part of the Indiana Territory, which lies north of a line drawn east from the southerly bend or extreme of Lake Michigan until it shall intersect lake Erie, and East of a line drawn from the said southerly bend through the middle of the said lake to its northern extremity, and thence because of the north to the northern boundary of the United States.” A historical marker at a roadside park, approximately 3 miles east of Naubinway.