How to install the Chromebook OS on PC

Chromebook OS on PC

Having an old computer that you want to work like a Chromebook? Although Google doesn’t provide the official Chrome OS for anything else than the official Chromebooks. But there are a lot of ways in which you can install the open source chromium software or a similar operating system.

Chrome OS is particularly made for the Chromebooks. The Chromebook devices are quite light and sleek and they get updated directly for their OS by Google. These are complete computer packages with a much simpler OS. Although there is a possibility that the computer hardware might bit be able to work perfectly with a below OS but the Chromebook hardware can perfectly perform well.

But if you want to make your old running PC hardware like windows XP, then you can get a more secure environment with the chromium

Chromebook OS

If you are going to install the Chrome OS on your desktop, then here is something that you must know about. The requirements that are required for downloading are:

  • BIOS system has UEFI boot support
  • Intel based CPU and GPU
  • At least 16 GB USB flash drive of storage space

Here are the steps by which you can download the chromium OS:

  • To begin with the downloading, start with Linux Mint Cinnamon image. Now as per the architecture of the PC, you have to choose the Linux Mint Cinnamon as either 32 or 64 bit.
  • In the next step, download the Rufus, so that the Linux mint cinnamon could be flashed on a USB drive.
  • Next, you have to download the official Chrome OS recovery image. Search for the rammus and click on the latest recovery image. For the 4th gen Intel CPU, it is required to have the rammus, in case if you have 3rd gen Intel or older than this, then you can download the samus. For the AMD CPU, you have to download the latest image for grunt.
  • In the next step, you have to download the most important file, Brunch. This is the framework that is built by the developer sebnac. This creates a generic chrome OS image from the recovery image so that it can be installed on any Windows PC.
  • In the last, you have to download the install .sh script that will magically install the chrome OS without typing the commands.

These steps are required to be done before you start up with the installation of the Chrome OS on PC. It is important to back up the files before we start with the installation process.

  • Insert the USB flash drive in the computer and open the Rufus.
  • Click on the select button and then click on Linux mint cinnamon image
  • Next Click on the start
  • Click on the option of yes.
  • Click on Ok to continue the flashing process.
  • Close the Rufus and create the folder named as chrome OS on the desktop
  • Move the downloaded install .sh file to the newly created Chrome OS folder.
  • Click on the brunch file and choose the option Extract to brunch.
  • Move these extracted files to the folder chrome OS
  • In the same manner, extract the files from the official Chrome OS recovery image.
  • This will get you with a new folder on the desktop. Open the folder and then rename the file to ramus_recovery.bin.
  • Move this renamed file to the chrome OS folder and check that you have 6 files in the folder.
  • In the next step, move this chrome os folder to the USB drive in which you flashed Linux mint cinnamon.
  • And the last step is about booting the Linux mint cinnamon. To do this, plug in the USB flash drive and restart the PC and press the Boot key to the boot into the BIOS. Select UEFI from the options of the Boost list.
  • Move to the security tab and disable the option of secure Boot. And then click on the exit tab.
  • You will be asked about the device then click on the USB drive and press enter key.

Installing Chrome OS on PC

After the booting, you have to install the OS. For that, you need a wifi connection or Ethernet. After that click on the home folder on the desktop and move to the file system tab. Then select the chrome OS folder and right click to find the open the terminal. Find the sudo sh and click on the enter button. This will download all the libraries and dependencies. Start the installation process and when it is done completely then open the start menu of Linux mint and click on the turn off button. Shut down the PC and remove the USB flash drive.

Now, when your computer will start it will start with the Chrome OS on it.

Chromebook OS on PC

This way you can easily install the Chrome OS on your PC and you can enjoy all the perks of the Google play store and the Linux store.

Linux makes a great choice for your desktop environment. There are a lot of ways to upgrade old computers and give them a modern operating system with the security system. Though you have turned your old computers into a Chromebook, but they will not get the chrome updated directly from google. Also, these will not be optimized to boot as quickly as possible. Converting a laptop is to a Chromebook won’t be good as this doesn’t provide the battery life. But you can experience it with something similar.

Chrome OS works efficiently and in case if you are missing the windows app on Chrome OS. In case if you are facing some problems with the chrome OS, then you may comment below and we will try our best to fix the problems.