GoPro Labs unlocks hidden advanced features for action cam enthusiasts

GoPro Labs unlocks hidden advanced features for action cam enthusiasts

Unlocking the best features in the latest GoPro Labs

As the way things are changing with time, more smart and powerful technologies are evolving up every new single day. Making our lives smarter, easier, and to run smoothly, the devices powered up with more features and functions.

Amidst the race of the technological advances, GoPro has recently announced the new features that let you tweak the heck out of the Black Camera.

The GoPro lab comes with the ability to set the quick QR features and sweeping out the new feature set to the camera. The features are set by keeping in mind the GoPro geeks that are pushing the limits of the GoPro today.

GoPro Labs are still experimenting with the features that one can get access through the GoPro Labs program and some exceptionally good and amazing features getting unlocked.

What’s new in the latest GoPro

The camera is providing the users with some of the funky things as per the statement of the GoPro’s Vice president. With these features, it becomes easier to reach a specific user base that is not much in number and is much specific for the features.

One of the most eye catching features is the ability to set up the GoPro using the Custom QR code. These amazing features can be used for a variety of purposes but the major application is to program a wake-up timer that is used for starting the recording at a particular time.

To get the GoPro features, one needs to load the Hero 8 firmware onto the camera. Loading the hero firmware quite easy and quick just like any other GoPro software to installed. After the installation of the hero firmware. It unlocks all the newly launched features as well as gives the flexibility to the camera to do anything that is wanted with the help of a simple QR code.

There are going to some 12- 15 new features that have no clear boundaries.

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Here are some of the newly added features:

  1. The owner now can create the own startup screen
  2. With the camera, it is now possible to create the motion-triggered recordings or photos
  3. Create the timers only to shoot during the daylight hours
  4. Addition of the long time lapses
  5. Sunrise and sunset triggers are added
  6. Can create the day time and duration trigger
  7. Use the QR generator for creating the QR code for any GoPro battery
  8. Customize the GoPro Video and photo file names with camera-specific information.
  9. Can shoot larger size files upto 12 GB

And there are many more add on features that you will get to know about after the installation of the software.

The amazing and the core features of the QR function that allows the lens to recognize the QR codes and then configure the settings.

New mini sites have been put up by the GoPro so that the QR codes can generated and the camera can recognize them easily. Once the camera is pointed to the code, there will be instant changes in the settings, and new features are applied directly.

The GoPro QR features will unlock the various kind of features like motion detection and speed and GPS triggers. Other features like the custom time-lapses and the personalized GoPro settings etc are some of the powerful tools.

The added features of the QR scanning and settings may or may not make a camera like a GoPro camera.

GoPro labs are free and do not require the signup process. All that the customers have to do is to install the GoPro labs firmware on the GoPro Hero 8 Black. The only restraints are that the only Hero 8 supports the function.

 Best added features

Another attractive feature is the reel steady go optimization. The Go pro labs integrated with the feature of the optimization of the rolling shutter correction. For the better stabilization in a post using the ReelSteady software.

As compared to the beta program, the GoPro labs are looking at the labs as more than an insider look. As per the statement of the owner of the GO pro labs, there was no plan to pull a feature from labs unless it is causing any kind of issue. Adding to this, he said that the lens an honest conversation with the customers.