Biggest update by iPhone on iOS 14 – enhanced features and security


The features of the apple iOS change every year. For the year 2020, Apple has launched the latest update naming as iOS 14. For an avid apple user and apple lovers, it is interesting to find out what the apple offers them in the bag.

As per the Worldwide developer conference in June. We can expect a lot of amazing and cool features to come up. The brand Apple has introduced the latest version, which set to be released this fall.

The update is going to be the magnificent and one of the greatest updates till date as it introduces some amazing features like the Siri improvements, home screen design changes, and the updates for some of the existing apps and many other tweaks that streamline with the iOS interface.

Let us dive into the detail about the iOS 14 update features of the iPhone. And get to know what we would be able to do when the iOS 14 arrives.

Major features of iOS 14 update

The most attractive feature that one will find with this update is the redesigned home screen. For the very first time, the home screen supports the widgets and this can dragged from the today view right on to the home screen. And can  pinned for the different sizes as well.

As an Apple user, you would be loving the smart stack feature. This feature allows the iPhone to use on-device intelligence to surface the right widget based on time, location and activity.

Also, the section of today’s has redesigned and there comes a widget gallery. Where the users have the complete authority to choose the new widgets from the apps and customize the widgets as per their choice. The widgets are customized for the work, travel, sports, and many other things on the home screen page.

Apple has opened up a new App library. Which a user interface that shows all the apps on the iPhone at a glance. The folder system for the apple is there and apple smartly organizes. The folders like the suggestions and the apple arcade that can intelligently surface with apps. You can add the apps to your library or home screen as per your choice.

Apple has come with features that include the space saving measures, one of the most required in the present times. Thus, for the incoming calls and the Siri requests, there is no longer required of the entire screens. For the phone calls or face time, there will a smaller banner on the display. And while activating Siri, you will get a small animated Siri icon at the bottom of the screen.

Another important thing, Apple has inculcated for its users is the picture in picture mode. With which you can watch the videos or talk on facetime while using the other apps at the same time. The video playing or the facetime can be adjusted and resized to any corner of the iPhone screen.

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Smarter OS with smarter features

With smarter and powerful OS, Siri also got smarter. Now it can answer a greater range of questions with the information pulled from the internet. Also, you can send the audio messages with Siri. You get the keyboard diction on the device and there is an additional layer of privacy for the dictated messaged.

Amidst of these features, Apple has also added the feature of the App clips that means you do not have to download the full app. And can take the advantage of some of the features of the app.

With app clips, you would be able to do things like, rent a scooter, purchase a coffee, or make a restaurant reservation and much more without the need of downloading the complete app. This defined as a small part of the experience by apple and designed for the need of the moment. These work through the app clip codes, NFC tags, QR codes.

Easy messaging features

The messages app of the apple even has come with loaded features like pinning the important conversations so that the information stays on the top. With a single swipe, you can pin the messages and you get an inline replies features with which you can reply to a specific message in the conversation.

Group conversations have become easier with @mention feature. This is a powerful feature by which a user can mute the chat but get the notification for a mention user name. The chat photos for the groups can customized with an image or emoji and with the icons for the person at the top of the conversation let you know the last speaking person in the group.

Smart navigation and Digital keys on the go with enhanced security

Coming to the maps, it can now the cycling directions for the bike commuters and the cyclists along with other features like elevation, busy street, stairs along route and etc. For electric vehicles the route shows the EV charging stops as well and thus making traveling and cycling much easier with apple maps.

Now you can unlock your keys with the digital keys and start the car with apple iPhone or watch and in the coming future. The feature going to more powerful and let the users unlock the cars without taking the iPhone out of the pocket. The car keys can shared and can disabled because of cloud sharing. Also, there comes the translate app that can translate to and from 11 languages.

Enhanced privacy and the safari features are yet some other powerful features. Safari helps in monitoring the passwords and the browsing history. It detects the saved passwords that can involved with the data breach.

A lot of new features are also available in the latest update of the iOS 14 for the iPhone 6s and later devices. This update is going to one of the biggest updates ever. Beta version will  provided for the testing before the need of the autumn. The organization will release the iOS 14 officially, most likely to be in September.